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Well, though most of the Webinar platforms have an auto-recording feature for a webinar, many are only available to either the paid users or the host and co-organizers of the webinar. With Google Meet, you can host up to 250 participants for a meeting, though much smaller in number compared with the rivals mentioned above. It offers businesses and organizations a safe and glitch-free room for an online discussion on mobile phones or desktops.

The host must allow each recipient to enter the actual meeting before joining. You can also use the built-in chatting feature to text everyone in the meeting. The feature is ideal for sharing links and other information. SMU’s Zoom video conference service allows users to record meetings and classes either locally or temporarily to Zoom’s Cloud Video Storage System itself. Effective Wednesday, July 1, 2020, Zoom cloud recordings will be stored in the cloud for no more than 30 days, after which they will be automatically deleted. To download your recorded meetings, follow the steps outlined above to access your profile’s settings.

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Go to the Advanced Options at the bottom of the meeting setup page and enter the email address for the person you wish to be an alternative host. Office 365 gives you full access to many apps and perks, such as 1TB OneDrive storage and Skype minutes. You can also install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps on up to five devices, and depending on the subscription, you can share the account with up to five people. The Calendar app also shows the weather forecast in the calendars to make it easier to plan events.

  • While legitimately useful for purposes including interviews or virtual office hours, this also gives hosts greater control over session security.
  • One is using the “Restore,” while the other is the “Restore to” method.
  • Alternatively, you can use the shortcut – Alt + R to start the screen recording on the Zoom app.

Teams can use this for efficient communication that can easily be logged. This is a great way to share instructions with other team members, as they can refer back to your request. Local recordings are not supported on Android and iOS. To access recordings and record via a mobile device, you will need to have a paid account with cloud recording capabilities. You’ll also be able to change it every once in a while to add a level of security, so people you’ve given the meeting ID and password will no longer be able to access the meeting room. On top of Zoom’s in-app scheduling, you can pair calendar applications with Zoom and schedule Zoom meetings.

Cloud Meetings To The Rescue

It saves participants the hassle of having to find the meeting invite to join a call with you. This is great for frequent, short calls and other users you trust won’t share your meeting access information. Moving forward into Spring 2021, Panopto will become our standard location for online recordings, ranging from live, synchronous Zoom classes to pre-recorded content to meetings.

Once you’ve got your settings all sorted, it’s time to record your call. If you use headphones while you are in Zoom meetings, your microphone won’t pick up the playback audio from your colleagues. You’ve probably been on a call before and found that you can hear yourself through the other person’s microphone as you speak.

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