Nowadays, the ongoing serious pandemic Covid-19 is making huge waves around the world. Covid-19 also named coronavirus is a virulent infection that is mainly resulted in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2, first specified in Wuhan, China in December 2019 that was proclaimed as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by WHO in January 2020 and the outbreak has asserted a pandemic in March 2020, a lot of people have already lost their lives due to the pandemic whereas millions of people have been affected that has going to become the more serious plague throughout the world. People are at high risk and going to lose their confidence as the pandemic has already deprived a lot of aspects of them including demoniacs, jobs, etc, many people become depressed and overwhelmed by it all, nonetheless, it’s crucial for getting easy on yourself and putting up with the care of yourself as there is only one life. We have to take care of ourselves not only physically but also mentally, as body and mind are intimately involved with each other.

General Symptoms of Coronavirus:

Coronavirus can induce ailment varying from the common cold to other drastic disorders including the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS as well as the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS, whereas the common signs encompass – fever, cough, shortness of breath with breathing difficulties, additionally, the more serious issues include – pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome like the failure of kidney, even it may also cause death.

Some Preventive Way to Stay Safe:

Coronavirus is coming to be more serious day by day, as still no particular treatment or vaccine isn’t developed for this outbreak. However, proper maintenance of some precautions can protect against this pandemic:-

Basic Recommendations for curtailing transmission of a span of ailment comprising – maintenance of fundamental hand and respiratory hygiene, averting close contact to others, keep a safe distance of 1-metre to others, used to wear a face mask before going outside, make available a hand sanitizer with you for maintaining hand hygiene, avoid to touch mouth, nose or eyes, finally, safe food habits including the intake of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables, vitamin D or zinc supplements, intake enough protein, antioxidants, used to drink enough water and practice foods that are essential to improve immunity.

Physical Fitness:

The global awe, coronavirus brings into the world pretty chaotic right now, so being emphasized or devastated is a natural issue, however, we all have to stay strong not only physically but also mentally. During this situation, you have to stay at home to remain safe as well as we have to adopt some precautions, as going to the hospital isn’t safe at this moment, so keep some basic machines to home is very crucial including Blood Pressure Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, Nebulizer, etc. These machines are very fundamental to cope with the pandemic situation, let’s know their functionality:

Blood Pressure Monitor:  To maintain a stable and ideal Blood Pressure (BP) is very vital in this pandemic situation. SMBP or Self Measured Blood Pressure monitoring can help to keep your BP stable, by this machine you can measure your blood pressure at home twice every day for 7 days by providing the data to your medic that will help him with your hypertension achieve and maintain your BP goals, so, you don’t have to go for a check-up By conveying the information to your physician the physician will be able to study the reading and make a verdict that how is your health going. Nonetheless, Self-measured Blood Pressure monitoring plays a vital role in getting victims under supervision who are in isolation as well as conserving their blood pressure values.

Pulse Oximeter:

Heart disease is one of the common symptoms of coronavirus as it is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome. The pulse oximeter is a device or a painless and precise way that is used to monitor heart or lung condition by measuring a person’s blood oxygen levels The pulse oximeter works by sliding over your clips or fingertip on your earlobe with the infrared light reaction that helps to compute how well oxygen is binding to your red blood cells in which oximeter notes the level of blood oxygen by an oxygen saturation measurement that is also called SpO2 or peripheral capillary oxygen saturation. The recent pandemic coronavirus penetrates the body through the respiratory system that can cause serious problems like pneumonia, inflammation, etc, so a covid-19 patient needs to know how well oxygen is transferred into the bloodstream


Fever is one of the early symptoms of the coronavirus pandemic, so the thermometer is the most effective device for monitoring body temperature. Non-touch or non-contact infrared temperature is very useful at present because it is easy to use and diminishes the risk of dissipating infection as it gauges temperature through the forehead from a near distance within seconds that can be used on infants and older people, the device works by aiming at 1-inch from a person’s forehead; pressing the scan button and observe the reading of temperature on the thermometer screen. Nonetheless, the thermometer has become a basic need during this pandemic condition to regulate and maintain body temperature.


The enduring pandemic coronavirus results in a major public health issue from day-to-day. Coronavirus is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome, so covid -19 has emphasized the necessity of the nebulizer, an aerosol-generating method that is used for the treatment of respiratory disease patients. Heart or lung disease is one of the very first signs of coronavirus, nebulizer is a kind of medicine delivery appliance by turning medicine into a fine mist that helps to breathe in, additionally, nebulizers are also used to treat various lung conditions including wheezing, chest tightness, etc, so it is a quick-relief and long-term control medicine that helps a covid- 19 patient from suffering. Nonetheless, if you have signs of covid- 19 must keep a nebulizer at home as a first-aid for respiratory problems.

Mental Fitness:

The global panic coronavirus is making us not only physically sick but also mentally depressed. So, it is necessary to stay strong both physically and mentally as well as take time for self-care:-

Stay active:

Exercise is the first key to stay active not only physically but also mentally. During this lockdown, we have to stay a long time at home without work so being depressed is quite normal as an idle brain is the devil’s workshop whereas exercise is the miracle cure for both physical and mental health. There’s strong scientific proof that being physically active helps to direct an energetic and happy life, besides exercise lowers the risk of developing several chronic ailments like heart disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes, and some cancers, which are the primary symptoms of coronavirus. We all should exercise daily to stay active as physical activity promotes self-esteem, mood, sound sleep, or energy, as well as lessen the risk of stress, depression, dementia, etc.


Meditation is one of the first and simple paths to reduce stress and anxiety. During this pandemic, we all should try meditation that can wipe away the day’s anxiety, stress, and tension that brings you inner peace and calm.


Gardening is one of the best ways to stay healthy and happy as being with nature can boost our mood, make us feel more peace, and also help us to take our mind off of the anxieties of daily life. So, we can try gardening for spending our time as it is good for the body, mind, and soul.

Chat with mates:

Use to stay in touch with your friends through Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, or phone call, share your thoughts, feelings, experience, and discuss with mates how to stay safe or other innovations, these will reduce your stress and anxiety. You can also check out online forums where you can chat with other young people that are safe, corroborative, and mysterious spaces for you.

Try to cook something new:

Good nutrition is very important to boost up the immune system and strong immunity is fundamental to fight against the coronavirus. You can spend your stressful lazy time cooking something you can take help from your mother or YouTube channel where various cooking recipes are shared.

Take a break from the news:

Whenever we have a look at the news channel and Facebook page there are the only coronavirus updates that make us saturated and depressed. Though it is crucial to stay knowledgeable, try to limit your media intake, and take a break from this and spend time on other innovative activities.

Learn something new:

You can spend your time doing something innovative like drawing, playing instruments or learn a new language, besides, you can also work online services like content writing and freelancing, this will help you to spend your lazy time and you can also earn money. You can also enjoy web series, movie, music, etc, these are a great source of entertainment.

Overall, self-care is very important in this pandemic situation, so try to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

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